Infinite Space - Zaremba Academy


Infinite Space Collection  is like a trip to infinity of hair creations with one technique cutting.  Working with hair give us lots of possibilities, stylization has variety of forms. Perfect technique is used to make true even the most wild imagination. The inspiration to make this collection was modern surrealist Wojciech Siudmiak who’s art spread unequalled peace, every detail  means some idea,  word, sentence. His motto is: “Only a dream can cross invincible obstacles”. Hair-cutting in Infinite Space Collection combine the dynamic of stylization with gentle hair-cutting form and also natural ending with strong, dynamic hair-cutting.

Hair stylizations
Joanna Zaremba-Wanczura
Małgorzata Pomianowska
Kinga Pomianowska-Ziaja
Monika Felska
Wojciech Łowicki