First Step 5 Days in Week 7 Hours Per Day - Zaremba Academy

    5 days in week
    7 hours per day

  • Localisation:
    Bydgoszcz, Chełmżyńska 12
  • Price:

If you think about being a hairdresser but you're not sure whether you'll like this profession , come to us for 5 days trial . During this time, you will start learning in practice from the first day. You will learn the basics of hair care , you begin to model or do curls with a straightener .

If you like the work of hairstylist , you can start the 2.5 months education , semi-annual or annual training and the payment will be counted for the continuing training.

The offer is addressed to people with no work experience.

The price includes: training heads,  hairdressing cosmetics to work, the ability to hire hairdressing tools.

Payment : total payment required in advance