2 Months Education 5 Days in Week 7 Hours Per Da - Zaremba Academy

    5 days in week
    7 hours per da

  • Localisation:
    Bydgoszcz, Chełmżyńska 12
  • Price:

    (accommodation, lunch)
The education is dedicated for people without any experience who have a small amount of time and want to start as soon as possible to work as a hairdresser.

The education  is provided in system: learning by practice.

The program includes: hair-care treatments, modeling and styling, women’s haircuts,  men's haircuts, classic buns. Practice on training heads and hair salon customers.

Possibility to rent the tools – in package price.

Those who choose to continue their education at a further 3.5 months  - hairdressing tools get on the property.

This training leads to receive a certificate of  Zaremba International Academy.

The price includes: training heads, certificate, borrowed hairdressing tools, teaching materials, hairdressing cosmetics, work with a real hair salon customers.

Payment: If you pay total amount  in advance-  guaranteed 10% discount.

You can also pay by installments: 3000 zł. entry fee (before the course) + 4000 zł. payable in 4th week of study + 4000 zł. payable in 8th  week of study.

Note: The Saturdays are days for volunteers. On this day, we work six hours and it is time for a repeat of the issues of the week with an instructor.