One-Year Education 10 Months 5 Days in Week 7 Hours Per Day - Zaremba Academy

    10 Months
    5 days in week
    7 hours per day

  • Localisation:
    Bydgoszcz, Chełmżyńska 12
  • Price:

    (accommodation, lunch)
Internship dedicated to those who can devote more time to practice. Because the practice makes us the masters in this profession.

Over 1,000 hours of practice in a real hair salon will give you more confidence and familiarity with real clients - their problems, questions of what they expect from you as a hairdresser. This training prepares the most fully to the profession of hairdressing/barbering. Allows to practice more time the following techniques and  gives you the longest practice.  You can learn the real nuances of this work and the ability to finding out the issues of hair salon business - which is particularly important for people who dream of their own hair salon.

The program includes: treatments, modeling and styling, haircuts for women, men's haircuts, toning and coloring, bleaching and washing brightening, balejage, perm, pinning up and buns, hair extensions and thickening, technology and approx. 1000 hours of work not on the models on real clients of hair salon, where in addition to customer service issues you can find out the issues of the "salon business" and get to know the real work of hairdresser/barber.

The education completed a craft exam in the state Chamber of Crafts.

Included: training heads, working with real clients of hair salon, craft exam fees, books and other teaching materials, basic hairdressing tools, hairdressing cosmetics  to work, certificate of our academy and craft diploma from The Chamber of Crafts.

Payment: When you pay the total in advance –we guarantee 10% discount.

You can also pay in installments: 3000 zł. entry fee (before the course) + 3000 zł. in 4th , 8th , 12th ,16th ,20th ,24th ,28th , 32th , and 36th  week of study.

Note: The Saturdays are days for volunteers. On this day, we work six hours and it is time for a repeat of the issues of the week with an instructor.